The TUCA welcomes the developments of the Colombian peace process

publicado el 28/09/2015 a las 00:00 .

The Agreement on Justice and Victims signed between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is a fundamental step towards the end of the conflict

The signing of this Agreement on September 23rd in Havana between president Juan Manuel Santos and commander Timoleón Jiménez (Timochenko), chief of the FARC, is a clear sign of progress towards the end of the armed conflict that has been affecting the country for over 50 years and caused more than 500 thousand murders, thousands of wounded and missing, more than 5 million displaced and countless economic losses.

Among others, this Agreement on Justice and Victims creates a special justice system for the human rights and redress of the victims. It has been endorsed by all Colombian national trade union centers that have demanded an actual commitment by the government and the FARC to reach a definitive end to the conflict and its structural causes. For the trade union movement, justice requires assigning responsibility for the lives of thousands of unionists that have been victims of the confrontation, as well as historic redress for the human, material and social damages that the violence has caused to the trade union movement.

For the TUCA and the trade union movement of the Americas, the end of the armed conflict in Colombia is fundamental in order to achieve peace in the region and put the country on the path of justice, inclusion, poverty reduction and the exercise of fundamental labor rights. Consequently, the TUCA upholds its support for the negotiations taking place in Havana, which are supported by several governments of the region and the world.

The TUCA welcomes the signing of the Agreement on Justice and Victims, demands the definitive end to armed actions by the parties to the conflict, and is confident that the agreements still under negotiation will soon be completed, so that Colombia may enjoy true peace, justice, democracy and rights for all.
  São Paulo, September 2015