Trade Union Cooperation Project with Haiti organizes more than 17,000 workers

publicado el 14/02/2017 a las 16:25 .

The video shows the main results of the process of trade union cooperation in Haiti between 2012 and 2016, coordinated by the TUCA and the ITUC and supported by various trade union and solidarity organizations.


In fact, the situation in Haiti presents a series of structural problems in economic, political and environmental terms, which creates an extremely difficult context for the Haitian population.

In particular, after the earthquake in 2010, the Trade Union Meeting for Reconstruction and Development in Haiti adopted a Trade Union Roadmap , highlighting the need to incorporate decent work into Haiti reconstruction plans.

In the framework of the Roadmap, Haitian union centers defined the following priority areas for cooperation: trade union organization; the promotion of gender equality; social protection; unity of action and defense of rights in the “maquilas”.

The results of the coordinated union cooperation process were encouraging with regard to the implementation of the Roadmap, as well as in terms of strengthening of the power of CSI and CSA workers within the framework of trade union self-reform.

See the results: